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Slug Name Type In use
21FQ Apple eMac machine check_circle
21dK Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
21dw Nintendo Game Boy Advance black/orange
21f5 Kirkzz Everdrive GB x5
21dh Kirkzz Everdrive GBA x5
21Gs Nintendo Game Boy F1 race cartridge
21KV Nintendo Game Boy Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons cartridge
21KG Nintendo Game Boy white/purple
21Eb Apple Computer M5183 CK104K0BK6V
21Ey SGI Indy
21Zf Vevor 100W CO2 lasercutter
21HG Stepcraft 2/D.600
21cg Bosch POF 1200 AE plunge router
21fC Bosch GDX 18V-EC cordless screwdriver
21ci Bosch GSR 18V-EC cordless drill
21Ht FERM FCS-2000S electric chainsaw
21cx Proxxon TBM 220 23641 drill
21cL Holzmann TSM 250 disc sander
21cZ FarTools PTH 254 113756 10000141
214V Bosch PTS10 sawbench tool
21He Jasper 7701 ED411100473 tool
21dt Metabo Basic 250 compressor tool
21HB DeWalt DCW600 compact router tool
21cA DeWalt DCB115 charger tool
21fn Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
21MM Deadwood 10 piece brasss router bushing set tool
21e9 Tacklife Digital height gauge tool
21GF Nintendo Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening cartridge
21GZ 2 wheel trolley tool
21GL Brother Label Printer PT-H H100R Tz(e) Tape 0.13-0.47" 3.5-12mm tool
21jQ Lecktor 3D Printer Modified Pruša MK2 tool
219f Lenovo ThinkPad R9-ViK32 12/10 machine check_circle
21Pv Cybertruck HP LCD screen and Cubie Truck SBC machine
21RA PlayStation 3 machine
21Ts PlayStation 2 machine
21Pg PlayStation 1 machine
21JC Sony PS2 game disc Cel Damage Overdrive
21Lu Sony PS2 game disc Road Rage 3
21Nk Sony PS2 game disc WRC3
21es Space Plus Audiophile DAC tool check_circle
21aL Microsoft Wireless Controller for Xbox One 03600150614835 tool check_circle
21aQ Microsoft Wireless Controller for Xbox One 02600078396744 tool
21EH Microsoft Wireless Controller for Xbox One 03600045687735 tool
21EP Microsoft Wireless Controller for Xbox One 03600389614831 tool check_circle
21RP Sony PS1 wired controller
21M7 Sony PS3 wireless controller 8537125002857
21Lf PS2 dual shock wired controller AGO8216
21TF Sony PS1 wired controller
21Gx Sony PS2 dual shock wired controller
21PX Sony PS3 wireless controller 4248071604516
21SX Sony PS2 eye toy web cam LZS33860597
21Jp PS? dual shock wireless controller 2514KCD
21Tr Sony PS2 8MB Red Memory Card
21Tc Sony PS4 wireless controller 361106C0014639
21T8 Sony PS RFU Adaptor/adapter
21TT Sony PS2 8MB Red Memory Card
21TE Sony PS2 IR Receiver
21Q8 Sony PS1 game disc Railroad Tycoon II Cracked case
21T9 Sony PS1 game disc Allstar Racing
21Sh Sony PS1 game disc Gran Tursimo 2
21Qr Sony PS1 game disc Le Mans 24 Hours
21Nz Sony PS1 game disc Gran Turismo
21Sj Sony PS1 ?MB Gray Memory Card
21LH Sony PS1 game disc Croc Legend of the Gobbos
21JR Sony PS1 game disc Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness
21Lw Sony PS1 game disc Racing Simulation Monaco Grand Prix
21NN Sony PS3 game disc Ferrari Challenge
21QT Sony PS1 game disc Bust-A-Move arcade 2 edition
21SK Sony PS1 game disc Stockcar Racer
21N3 Sony PS1 game disc 4X4 World Trophy
21SY Sony PS1 game disc True Pinball
21Td Sony PS1 game disc Toca Touring Car Championship
21Rm Sony PS3 game disc Tekken 6 Platinum
21QE Sony PS3 game disc Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and 6 2 discs
21Sw Sony PS2 game disc Ford Racing 2
21TU Sony PS2 game disc Juiced Platinum
21Qc Sony PS2 game disc Ferrari F355 challenge
21R4 Sony PS2 game disc Tokyo Road Race
21Pu DVD More Great Comedy Moments Favourite clips from the best of contemporary BBC comedy (2005)
21PH Sony PS2 game disc Colin Mcrae Rally
21PW Sony PS2 game disc Eye Toy Play 12 crazy games
21Qb Sony PS2 game disc Lotus Challenge
21Qq Sony PS2 game disc Seek and Destroy
21QD Sony PS2 game disc The Mark of Kri
21Qs Sony PS2 game disc Demo Disc 44/March 2004
21Q7 Sony PS2 game disc Demo Disc 43/February 2004
21Rk DVD Alien Quadrilogy Box Set (2003)
21Rz DVD Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
21RN DVD Alien vs. Predator (2004)
21R3 DVD Monty Python's Life of Brian Digitally Remastered Edition
21Sg DVD TopGear Back in the Fast Lane The Best of Series One & Two (2003)
21Sv Sony PS2 game disc Gran Turismo 4
21Pf Sony PS2 8MB Blue Memory Card Belongs to PS2 GT4
21N2 Sony PS2 8MB Blue Memory Card Belongs to PS2 GT4
21py Amstradt CPC464 533-8401230 64K microcomputer machine
21NM RF Spectrum Analyzer tool
21Ny RF Signal Generator tool
21pj Fujitsu LCD Display YV5M012286
21p2 HP HP Compaq Pro 6300 "Rightie" CZC2472840 machine
21pM HP Compaq 6200 Pro "Leftie" CZC1383158 machine
21Nj Fujitsu LCD Display YV4E022156
21n6 Lenovo Thinkcentre 4518 S4KGRZ0 machine
21nR Lenovo Thinkcentre M93p S4K47187 machine
21nC TRENDnet Gigabit switch TEG-S50g CA10135004218 machine
21M6 Sun Ultra 24 0920TFB0AF machine check_circle
21np Fujitsu LCD Display YV5M012336
21na Philips LCD display UK0A1529027324
21mV Asus EeeBox B202 98ESAB005348 machine
21me Fujitsu LCD display YV5M012196
21kZ ML Novator OU DT-156 machine check_circle
21kL ML Novator OU DT-156 "Gaming" machine
21iU ORDI LCD display
21g4 Fujitsu LCD display YV5M013786
21gP Asus EeeBox B202 98ESAB005327 machine
21iF HP Compaq 6000 Pro CZC0434LN1 machine
21kx HP Compaq 6200 Pro "Strong boy" CZC125BVLH machine
21Fm Shelf locker
21FA Shelf locker
21FP Shelf locker
21F4 Shelf locker
21Gh Shelf locker
21Gw Shelf locker
21GK Shelf locker
21GY Shelf locker
21Hd Shelf locker
21Hs Shelf locker
21HF Shelf locker
21HU ZTE 48V DC power supply machine
21bd Arti's Win98 Machine machine
21eJ Mastech MS8211D MBHCC14406
21ev Mastech MS8211D BGL04462
21gA Mastech MS8211D MBIDC18831
21gm DELL NAS server NNG03114410045 machine
21ab Panasonic HC-V180EG-K camcorder tool
21pv ESSDI TP-35 Camera tripod tool
21eU Behringer Flow 8 Digital Mixer tool
21Uy Timberland A1TZE A2719 like over 3 years old, they have their cons, yet there really isn't anything to replace them tool check_circle
21is Ultra Power Technology Limited UP240AC Duo Charger check_circle
21ki Makita Circular saw Makita HS7611 00070522 tool
21Ki DeWalt Cross-cut mitre saw N680073 tool
21rL Triton TWX7 Workcentre woodworking station 20194600609 tool
21jM PM001 tool
21a5 Behringer Eurolive B112W S211100010AWT / S211102188AJN Two mega speakers :D machine
21id Skil fox 2 in 1 sander 38800002 tool
21Mp Apple Macintosh LC II CK24707GF07 machine
21MC Apple Macintosh LC 475 CK51302M4AJ
21MR Apple Macintosh Performa 475 CK4463RA4AH machine
21KZ Apple Macintosh LC SG1062AAL02 machine
21KL Apple Macintosh 12" RGB Display 10481W machine
21Kx Samsung SyncMaster 797DF LE17HVCXB46869N machine
21T7 IBM Workstation NetVista 553077V machine
21p5 IBM 9114-275 IntelliStation Workstation POWER 9114 Model 275 machine
21FN Toyocom NC-21 Cash counting machine tool