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Following is the listing of our members who have chosen to be listed publicly so you could learn more about what they do. To change profile picture go to Gravatar.

  Name Tier Blurb  
Zubax Robotics OÜ link
Unsinkable Robotics OÜ link
TalTech link
Rangeforce OÜ link
Protoskoop OÜ Software/hardware prototyping and product development link
Lecktor Technologies OÜ 3D printer supplies and support link
Savva Bychkov associate-member 🤔 link
Priit Laes associate-member link
Marvin Martinson associate-member  
Lauri Võsandi associate-member Chaos reduction pusher link
Kristo Aun associate Hosting a QNAP file & web server for personal use link
Kristjan Kuusk associate Network architect  
Kaarel Pärtel associate Workshop aka dirty room  
Erki Naumanis associate-member Accounting  
Erki Aas associate-member  
Anto Veldre associate-member Antennas on roof link
Andreas Wagner associate  
Marek Juhanson resident-member  
Arti Zirk resident-member I do things with Python and old computers link
Istvan Szmozsanszky regular Web Dev & Open Source. Organizer of RustFest link
Herman Õunapuu regular Software dev with an interest in self-hosting, data hoarding and repairing things (after breaking them). link
Erik Kaju regular Build robots  
Artur Kerge regular Experiments in biology and hyperlocal Balmer's peak supplier 🍻 link